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Face Massager, for Professional


  • eature: Crude Polish Accessory: To Rip The Tough Skin And Cut In Off.Latex Soft Sponge For Eye, Cheek Massaging. Make -Up Sponge: To Massage And Clean Your Skin
  • Rolling Massager: To Make Better Blood Circumstances From Skin Aging. Soft Brush To: Clear All The Scurf Clings On The Surface.;Size: 13X4.5Cm Specifications: Exfoliating Of Dead Skin Cells To Reveal A Roseate ,Youthful Skin
  • Massage And Application Of Cream To Better Penetrate The Skin And Keep It Nourished And Hydrated. Removing Hard Cells Under Foot Or Elbow.
  • Size: 13×4.5cm Specifications: Exfoliating of dead skin cells to reveal a roseate ,youthful skin.
  • Lightweight and Portable

Hand Held Massager,Massagers,Acupuncture Multi Massager,Plastic Massager,Kneading Roller Massager,Therapeutic Massager,Foot Bath Massager,Slimming Massager

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